What Does CFNM Stand For ?

What Does CFNM Stand For is one of those questions that is constantly asked by visitors. I can clearly see that in search log files. I’ve already covered explained the meaning of CFNM once but it seems it wasn’t enough or that people are simply missing that article. This motivated me to find some more example of sexy and hot dominant girls humiliating naked men and use it as a detailed explanation of meanings of CFNM. 

The top CFNM definition is simple. Basically, this is an abbreviation term and it means “clothed female nude male”. There is no much philosophy when it comes to the definition of CFNM. There are only a few conditions to be satisfied. The first one is that there is more than one female on the scene. Second, the guy (or guys) must be naked and third, girls can’t be naked. From that point, only imagination is the limit. Even if the idea might sound simple, there so many great scenarios like public humiliation in the mall, CFNM spanking, humiliating anal fingering, etc.

What I ‘ve noticed is that currently, there are no many sites specialized exclusively in a clothed female naked male niche. At some point, maybe seven years ago, there was a real expansion of these sites but the current situation is different (yes, there are many CFNM scenes but they are usually just a small portion of content featured in sites). So what I did here is that I’ve picked some CFNM related nude males photos from web’s largest sites to better illustrate what is considered a successful femdom humiliation session. I’ve wanted to diversify scenes so you are looking mixed scenes from largest and most authoritative CFNM humiliation sites. My favorite is the first one of course because there is clearly some genuine BDSM involved. There are other, softer, pics featuring more hot girls and their pathetic slaves. 

What Does CFNM Stand For – photos

Public CFNM humiliation

No one will hear this guy begging girls to stop humiliating him. Privacy policy is useless here.

horny CFNM cheerleaders

Horny teens playing a cruel game of orgasm control and cock humiliation

CFNM butt inspection

A medical exam is always a great excuse for genitals and anal inspection, isn’t it?

POV CFNM girls

Teasing and humiliation photo from the slave of a slave already on his knees.

what does CFNM stand for

Clothed females laughing at the size of delivery guy’s cock. This was the last thing he was expecting tonight.

cock teasing and ruined orgasm

Naked male teased by two extremely sexy bitches in stockings and lingerie

humiliating orgasm femdom

A short definition of CFNM: There is nothing so fun like watching a nude male stroking a dick in front of you

What Does CFNM Stand For ?
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