What Is Cuckold ?

What is cuckold? If you are still asking this question, you must be a pathetic boy or a guy that doesn’t have so much experience with women. Right? Anyway, you are about to find a definite answer to the question what is the cuckold, right now.

First, you need to know that there is a female equivalent. Term “cuckquean” first appears in old English literature in 1562. Cuckold refers to the fact that the man being cuckolded is the last to know about his spouse’s cheating. This also refers to a tradition claiming that in villages of European time, the community would gather to collectively humiliate a man whose love gave birth to a baby that was not his own. This is where the humiliation aspect of cuckolding first came into the game. According to this tale, a parade was held in which they forced the hapless married man into wearing antlers on his head as a symbol of his wife’s cheating.

To put is simple, by sleeping with another man, wife makes her husband a cuckold. But in today’s world, cuckolding is kind of very strong fetish. Regarding some statistics, it is one of the most searched terms online. You will get many results when looking for cuckold, but usually, the psychological aspect of cuckolding is left out. The main point is that in this way, a female is showing her absolute superiority over her hubby. Even if she is not using any kind of force or violence that is usually a part of the submissive/dominant relationship. Of course, there are many different variations of a cuckold relationship. The strongest one is where males and females are in a marriage for a long time. This way, it is hard for a hubby to get out of this relationship. The logical question is what other peoples and relatives will say? He will have to admit that he is so pathetic and that he was living with the hubby for a while. We all know that after this, no one would consider him seriously. So, the usual epilog is that people live in cuckold marriage until the end. This will give legitimacy to the cuckold wife to start experimenting. Sometimes, the slave husband will have to watch the black guy fucking his wife or a group of people fucking her in front of him. Sometimes, subby hubby is recorded on cam and later forced to watch himself. Well, as mentioned, there are so many different variations. My favorite is humiliation session with two cuckold Mistresses.

Below, you can see some photos from one of the classic cuckold sessions. If you are looking for more femdom cuckold, you are in the right place. Hopefully, while watching pathetic husband with his dick in chastity and his dominant wife fucking another guy, you will get an answer to the question “what is cuckold”?

What is cuckold (photo explanation):

What Is Cuckold ?
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