What Is Lezdom?

What is lezdom can sound like a strange question if you are not new to the world of female domination. Luckily for all of us, there are new people discovering beauties of the dominant lifestyles and female supremacy fetishes, with every new day. This article is intended to them, and it will give them an explanation about lezdom and illustrate it with a few photos and links to the more resources on this subject. So, let’s begin with by answering the question: what is the meaning of the term lezdom? I will try to give the shortest explanation before going with the longer one.

Lezdom is the sexually explicit relationship of two females where one is in the role of the dominant while other is an obedient slave. This is the basic definition that is still leaving so many things to explain. Basically, everything you know about the femdom methods and male slave humiliation can be applied to lesbian domination. Of course, except the cock and balls torture and ballbusting. Still, lesbian slave genitals abusing is the legitimate method of lezdom torture. 

As you are probably figured out by now, lezdom is the abbreviation from lesbian domination. It is a shortened and widely used expression just like footdom is the term used to describe foot domination and foot worship. 

Just like with the other forms of sexually dominant behavior, there are various levels of lezdom. It is a matter fo a personal taste and usually, people are starting with the more softcore stuff. Just like the rule, it always ends with more brutal and painful BDSM lesbian torture. What is also important to mention is that this subject is closely related to the sexual slavery. As you know, slavery is nothing new in the human history and that includes sex slaves. This is probably the place in human civilization timeline where you should start looking for the first signs of female slavery and sexual domination. Believe it or not, it is deeply rooted in human history, coming from the regions where matriarchy was established. Knowing this, the presence of female sexual slavery where women are dominating is probably much older than the history books recorded.

In the modern world and societies where free sex and liberty of sexual needs are guaranteed, lesbian domination is getting in popularity with each new day. I can say that there is much more of it that you would ever imagine. One of the reasons is that females are playful beings by nature so it is harder to spot this kinky type of the relationship between two females. Luckily for the people into this and those asking about what is lezdom, the Femdom Destiny website has a huge collection of exclusive and genuine lezdom humiliation videos and photos. Of course, it is hard to cover all types of scenarios but this site is giving a lot of effort to do it properly and I believe that that the great job is done with collecting some of the top-rated lezdom photos and lesbian domination fetish videos. For example, take a look at some of my favorite scenes. the variety will actually show you how wide is the subject. Let’s start with the group lezdom spanking punishment of young and sexy girls. This is a fantastic example of what I call ” soft lezdom”. This means that there is no serious hurting and the accent is more on the female sexiness and beauty of the young girls (and that includes a Headmistress, too). Similar to this one is the gallery featuring foot fetish and the forced lezdom feet sucking. Great, isn’t it?

But for all those looking the more brutal and painful stuff, I will suggest taking a look at a brutal forced strapon fucking of an ebony slave girl where she is suffering from the violent penetration while being totally helpless in front (or I should better say below) her Dominatrix. I know that once you get into this femdom stuff, you will look for more and more. At some point, you will finally accept that you are addicted to watching pornography where female sex slaves are suffering and being abused. In the name of your newly developed addiction, I will recommend a harsh torture video of a mature slave in bondage being tortured in the dungeon. 

Anyway, if you go deeper and use a search on this page, you will find tons of lesbian dominance galleries and videos that you can browse for days and for free. Meanwhile, I’ve decided to add some great lezdom pics with the links to their resources with a goal to help you out understanding what is lezdom. So here they are.

What is lezdom? – photo examples

Chanel Preston Facesitting Female SLavewhat is lezdom lezdom spanking punishment lezdom threesome lesbian nuns domination lezdom pegging 

What Is Lezdom?
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