Whipping Male Slave

Whipping male slave is an everyday activity in a special femdom prison. Yeah, you are reading it right there are such special places where men are locked and kept captives and forced to live under constant punishment and torture. Maybe one of the top rated examples of closed environments where women rule is Other World Kingdom known as O.W.K. 

But let’s get back to a Goddess in Nazi uniform whipping her slave. If you take a better look, Dominatrix picked one of two slaves to execute caning punishment. Her idea is to make one slave boy watch while shes is brutally beating and devastating other guy’s ass. If you are wondering who is this sexy woman in tight uniform and shiny black pantyhose, her name is Mistress Nemesis. Some of you will remember her from a hard and painful whipping scene where she is sharing tied slave with other young blonde Dominatrix. Clearly, she has tons of experience with pathetic men and she knows how to make them listen and be obedient. Today’s gallery is just one from many of her brutal whipping sessions. Believe it or not, this kinky erotica scene is planned so well that Mistress is even taking care about the size of her high heels. The Goddess like her knows how important is to be in a proper position that will ensure the most painful hits. To get there, Domina carefully examined how tall slaves are so she paired height of her shoes to match perfect requirements. People into martial arts will know how small details like this one can make difference at the end. 

While Mistress whipping her slave, she decided to do it so harshly that after she finishes, the slave will get a free week because he won’t be able to do anything else. But don’t think that she will pause in that period. There is another guy that will be used for femdom whipping and other nasty stuff Mistress love to do, like BDSM femdom, whipping before pussy worship, heel domination, hot wax and much more.

Whipping male slave

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Whipping Male Slave

Whipping Male Slave
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