Wife Facesitting

Wife facesitting is the last thing that you would expect from a petite and a sexy Ashli. Yes, she looks hot and sexy but no one knows that this young wife is actually a real-life dominatrix. You know, sometimes the look can deceive you. Considering that men usually thing with a dick, it is happening very often. I can bet that her husband discovered her kinky sexual appetites once it was too late for him. But that is the beauty of every Real female domination marriage. Ordinary men simply become slaves overnight. With this wife facesitting gallery, you have a chance to peek into the bedroom of a young couple.

Even if their marriage is still young, Miss Ashli started training her man to be a slave. She knows how important is to place things in the proper place as soon as possible. There is no particular reason why she is about to ride husband’s face except feeling sexually aroused. The solution is simple. Grinding on his face until she climaxes. Basically, she is just craving for an orgasm and knowing her dominant nature, the only way to get it is to humiliate husband at the same time.

This means that the husband’s dick will stay dry once again. Mistress even forbids him to touch himself while she is sitting on his face. Hot facesitting photos you are looking at are discovering the real nature of a young femdom wife. Not that she only love to humiliate men, but she also loves to watch it. This is why there is a huge mirror at the side of the bed. I had a chance to see this video too. I can say that this is one of the top rated facesitting domination scenes I’ve seen recently. I mean, just look at that perfectly shaped ass on the first photo where a Mistress is approaching the room. It simply deserves to be worshipped and served.

Wife facesitting husband

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Wife Facesitting
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