Young Feet Sucking

Young feet sucking fetish pics below are my personal answer to boring guys sending emails and asking me to publish more extreme new videos and photos. Simply, I don’t like it when someone is telling me what to do, especially in such a rude manner by email.

Also, I know that you guys are already addicted to my site and frequent updates with top rated femdom fetish porn so this is how you will learn a lesson. I am doing absolutely opposite to what you are expecting as a punishment for requesting something from me.

Young feet sucking fetish

What you are looking at is a genuine amateur feet worship session, recorded in one of the beautiful hotels of an even more beautiful city of Prague.

sexy foot teasing

Without getting into details about why this euro babe is showing her small feet ( you will find more info about that once you click on any of the girl’s feet photo), I want to mention that this petite blonde has pretty feet 5.5 in size ( 36 in Euro measure).

I wouldn’t exactly say that this is a teen foot worship session but a beautiful young lady is still young, somewhere in the early ’20s.

Young Feet Sucking

After letting the submissive guy show her how good is he with toe sucking and foot worship, kinky blonde wanted to see is he really so in love with a woman’s feet. The best way to do it is to see how long it takes for a sub to ejaculate once Lady starts stroking the dick with her feet.

This kind of foot play is also known as a footjob, a penis stimulation with feet. Have you ever tried to be rubbed by a woman this way? Believe it or not, men are more aroused with this foot fetish practice than with a regular handjob. I am not saying something is wrong with female domination cock stroking, just saying that for some reason, guys are extremely turned on with a concept of feet jerk off.

foot fetish dreams

And this self-confident young woman seems tho know that very well. So she decided to have fun and watch how miserable her slave is, humiliating himself just to get extend teen footjob for a little longer. What he doesn’t know is that this dominant lady actually enjoying to watch him horny and helpless and she could do it for hours.

Funny, but what She doesn’t know is that foot domination is usually the first step for a woman when she is entering the kinky world of female supremacy and femdom humiliation. This is the first stage when young girls actually find out they feel divine when men and their pleasure are under a woman’s absolute control.

Usually, the next stage is more aggressive and violent behavior. The following is verbal femdom humiliation, then female domination spitting humiliation, then spanking corporal punishments, but do you know where the real fun starts? Let me tell you, once a woman discovers the power of a whip, there is no more turning back. There is nothing so powerful and satisfactory as to be in the role of a dominatrix brutally whipping helpless man.

femdom footjob

But I’ve moved away too much from sweet and sexy promiscuous coed feet sucking and dick stroking. As usual, I was watching the full-length video from this hotel room session and I must admit, she managed to do everything as a real pro. Still, there is one thing I didn’t like. 

For those knowing me well, then you know that I am strictly against letting men feel a pleasure, especially with softcore types of femdom. On the sum covered feet photo below, it is clear that some cute girls think that letting guy ejaculate is a smart thing to do. At their age, it is boosting the ego of a woman. Still, the main suffering comes after Mistress tease a guy and then forbidding him to jizz!

This way, Domme is turning not only all of his hopes but it is letting him suffer silently, with slave’s balls remaining full of semen and without a chance for release. It is a frustrating experience with the effects of staying for days after the femdom session ended. It will bring sub into a state of confused mind and mental suffering, and that is exactly the goal a Mistress wants to achieve.

So I know many of you are already fantasizing about how does it feel to cum on woman’s naked feet but if I am in charge, you wouldn’t get a chance to find it out. Ok, I won’t push it, but letting a slave feeling pleasure is something that should happen only in really special situations.

cum covered feet

In the end, I will try to continue the old tradition of stating my favorite and relevant xxx updates based on the subject of the article you are reading at that moment. For that purpose, I want you to see my hottest recommended footdom galleries. 

The first one is about a group foot fetish worship session featuring three teen hot ladies having fun with their slave. It is one of my favorite and top-rated European femdom scenes. The second one is about toe suck foot licking and feet loving amateur guy being forced into fucking feet domination. And the best part is that his Mistress is his professor! 

Now, what do you think, did tose nasty ladies allowed them to cum? Of course, they didn’t, just as I said it should be.

Young Feet Sucking
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